YouTube Premium Mod APK 15.22.66 | Dark Mode & No Ads (2020)

YouTube Mod APK Download Latest Version 2020:- Today, in the era of smartphones, YouTube Premium Mod APK is a platform which is used most today for entertainment such as watching videos, listening to songs, watching movies, etc., whether it is Android User or iOS User, it has become a platform for Entertainment which Is found in everyone’s device and is used the most.

Even today, we all know that on YouTube Mod APK entertainment platform, millions of videos related to different types like Comedy video, Funny video, latest song, etc. are uploaded every day, due to which the crazy of this platform is increasing all over the world.

But now – as the creaze of this platform is increasing or it can be said that as the number of its users is increasing, some of the features of Youtube Apk are becoming very annoying for the user today. The way premium is grown.

Meaning that you have to spend money to download any video from here, as well as advertisements here which are causing big trouble for the user. But friends, now you are going to solve these problems today.

YouTube Mod APK

YouTube Mod APK
YouTube Mod APK

Because today we have you in this article with Youtube Premium Mod APK which is completely, as well as here you will not have to face any advertisement while watching the video. This application is becoming very popular among the people today because it has unlocked a lot of features than Youtube mod apk 2020. Which focuses the user towards himself.

Of course, if you have come to this page, then you will want to download this Mode apk so that you do not have to spend any money on downloading videos from YouTube. So, now you do not have to worry about it at all because below we have provided the download link of Youtube Premium 2020 Mod APK directly.

Also, there is no time for you to download this apk, so below, you have told about the complete download process of this Apk which by following this you can easily download and use this Apk in your phone. So for your better information, follow the information given in our article below so that you can successfully download this apk on your phone and use it. So let’s know –

YouTube Premium APK

Youtube Premium Mod APK is an Entertainment Platform that is mainly Deve locked by Radix Core by unlocking some features of Youtube mod apk . Just like the Youtube, you are using on your phone for user Entrainment right now is mainly Premium which means if you want to download any video from there, then the user will have to subscribe to it.

But now we all know that in this technology era, no one wants to entertain by spending money, keeping in mind these few things, this Mod APK has been made by unlocking all the premium features of YouTube.

Now, because the Youtube 2020 app is available for free with all the Premium Feature, now the demand of this application is increasing a lot, along with this, the user will not have to face the advertisement anymore, this feature is attracting the user a lot today. The download number of the app is doubling day by day.

So if you are also one of those users who like to watch videos on youtube but are not able to download the videos of their choice from there or if the ads are hindering your videos then Youtube Premium 2020 Mod APK is enough for you Going to be good

You can download it by clicking on the official link of the website below in your phone. Whose process is explained in detail below? For more information, you should follow this article below so that you can easily install and use the app in your phone.

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Youtube Mod APK Features

If you talk about its feature, then this is a hack version that is made by unlocking the feature of special Youtube premium apk , in which you will be able to use many features than the original Youtube.

This Youtube premium mod apk has many such features that many good features have been added to it which you can see here. Which adds its side for the users. Often, on hearing about the new mode hack hybridization application, the question comes in the mind of the people whether this apk is safe or not.

So for your information, we can tell that Youtube Latest Version apk is completely safe. You can feel free to download this application. Along with this, you will get to see many such features in this application that make you focus on yourself. You can read below about which features you can enjoy in this application –

1. Free Download

You can download this latest Youtube Mod apk now for free from the link given below our website, for this you will not have to pay any kind of payment.

2. Ad-free

After watching the video for the user on youtube, the interstitial ads used to be related to Sir , d. but now these ads have been rid of in this new mod means that now users will be able to download this app and watch ad-free videos.

This is the best feature of this Youtube Mod apk 2020 which is being liked by the users the most. If you also like to watch videos on this platform, then you must download this new version from the link given below our website.

3. No Root Needed

Many times, the user is afraid to download any other hack version application in his phone that some of our information will not be leaked or the phone will not have to be rooted if you want to download this mod of Youtube Premium apk 2020. Kind questions are coming, then you leave them out because this app is completely safe.

Also, you do not have to root the phone in any way to download it and install it on your phone, you can download and use this apk without rooting the phone.

4. Unlock Premium Features

You can use all the premium features in the download link of the Youtube Premium Mod App provided below for free today. As of now, when downloading any type of video from this platform, the user had to use the premium feature, for which the payment had to be paid per month.
But if you download it from the link given below our website, then you will not have to pay any amount in any way, you will be able to use all its features for free.

5. Background Play

If you are using Old Youtube right now, then you must have seen that if you are watching a video on this platform and you want to see the video along with it, we should do some other work in the phone and the video background is not locked. So it is not absolutely possible if you are watching videos on this platform in the phone, then no other work can be done in the phone. If you do another work, your video will stop.

But this Background Play better feature has been added in Youtube 2020 latest Mod APK that if you are watching videos here and want to do other work too, then you can do it comfortably and your video will also play. So now you must download it from our site without delay

6. Works as YouTube

Let us know that there is a hack version of Youtube Premium Mod APK but you do not have to think that it will be difficult to use or it will be different from the original Youtube. Not at all because it is exactly like the version, just a few more features have been added here.

7. Video Downloading

You can easily download any video of your choice from here, whereas earlier payment had to be paid to download the video. So if you also want to store the video of your choice on your phone, then your Youtube Premium app is a very good platform, you can download it for free by clicking from the link of our website.

8. Music Download

It is an online watching video and download platform, but if you want to download the music of your family in MP3, then you do not need to go to a separate platform for this because you can download any video from here in mp3. .

9. Support and Stability

This is a platform that is available for both Android and ios. If you have an Android phone with the highest version of Android 4.4, then you do not need to worry because now you can download and use it in a higher version phone as well. is.

10. Dark Mode

For the protection of the eyes, a better feature of Dark Mode has been provided here, using which you can keep your eyes safe, which is a very good feature for today’s youth.

How to Download YouTube Premium APK

Now the question comes to mind that how can we download Youtube Premium Mod APK. This app is very easy to download. Otherwise, due to some privacy and policy of this app, it cannot be downloaded from the Play Store. Because this is a Hack version of Original apk which Play Store does not accept.

  1. But you do not have to worry because below we have given the link to download this app below, from where you can easily download it in your phone –
  2. Before downloading this new version you have to uninstall the old version from your phone.
  3. Now to download this application, first, click on the link given below. From where you can easily click and download it.
  4. This app will be downloaded to your memory card in no time.
  5. Now it has been downloaded to your phone which you will be able to see on your phone’s memory card.
  6. After downloading this app, to use it, you will have to install it in your phone only then you will be able to use it. You will learn about how to install it in detail below.
YouTube Premium Mod APK Download 2020

YouTube Premium Mod APK

Version 15.22.66
File size 63.2 MB
App by OGYoutube
Price Free
Join telegram Link
Last updated August 09, 2020

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How to Install Youtube Premium Mod APK

After downloading the Youtube Premium Mod APK , if you want to watch videos online using this app, then for this you will first have to install it in your phone only then you will be able to use it to watch online videos.

  • Now how to install it is very easy to tell that the way we told about downloading this app for easy downloading, it is very easy to install this app which is told by step, by following it You can easily install your phone, read the step below to get better information in it.

  • First of all, you have to go to your memory card where you have downloaded this app.
  • As soon as you go to the download folder, you will see this app here and click on it.
  • As soon as you click on the app, it will start getting installed on your phone.
  • Now it has been installed in your phone.
  • Now you can open this entertainment application in your phone and can watch any video of your choice online and also download it.


If you use the YouTube platform the most, then you will definitely want to use the premium version for free, so we have shared you the YouTube Mod APK for free, through which you will be able to get all the premium services for free.

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